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If I live out of town, how can I get a copy?
You can subscribe to SPQ for only $20 per year and you will never miss a copy.  Click here to subscribe.

How can I get them in a location in the town that I live in?
Please let us know of the store or business that would be a good fit for SPQ.  Email their info to us at or call the distribution manager at 412.377.4681.

How can I write for SPQ?
Submit your column idea to and we will give it to the editor for review.  Please include your contact information.

Do you have any jobs?
We only have internships at this time.  Please call 412.904.1630 to inquire.

Is this magazine always going to be free?
We plan to keep it free.  That’s why you have to support it and the advertisers you see in the magazine.  The only charge is for a subscription which is only $20 per year.

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Editorial Highlights

Each edition of SPQ magazine will explore the “Soulful” side of Pittsburgh and present it in a way to positively shine the light on the culture, arts, entertainment and people of Pittsburgh’s African-American community and the surrounding area.

From soulful entertainment to soulful food, SPQ will engage the reader and bring to life the people who make up the community.

Feature stories will enable readers to simply call a number from their cell phone and continue the interview as they listen in on our editors speaking with featured individuals. Text messaging platforms are in place to allow readers to send a text message to in turn receive extra information from certain advertisers via their cell phones.

We will also direct readers to the web site where they can view video clips to learn more about a particular subject or individual featured in the magazine.

The magazine will not be available online to view as we want the community to engage with this magazine and share its content with others.