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Soul Pitt Quarterly has hit the streets and the response has been overwhelming!  So what Are people saying?

“This is like Jet Magazine for Pittsburgh…”
“…You mean this is FREE every quarter??!!”
“How can I advertise in the next issue?”
“Wow, this is something phenomenal for Pittsburgh…”
“I Love It!!!”
“Pittsburgh has never seen anything like this before!”
“Pittsburgh really needed this…what took you so long?”
“How can I be on the cover?”

Now we want YOU to tell us what you think about Soul Pitt Quarterly!  Do you like it?  Do you love it?  Tell us, be honest.  We want to get input from the community.  Just post a comment below.  Once approved, your message will be right here on the site!

5 Responses to “Feedback”

  • This is absolutely wonderful. A friend of mine gave me the magazine and I was out done. I will be advertising in this magazine for my foundation and hair salon. Thanks Soul Pitt!!!

  • Soul Pitt Quarterly:

    “SPQ is classy. Reminds me of JET, but better.”
    – Dr. Uhuru Hotep, Duquesne University.

  • Alneda Richardson:

    Thank you everyone for putting together such an informative magazine to keep the community informed about local news, travel, business, and cultural events. Now that we no longer have our local radio station, this article will certainly keep us informed about all the happenings in this town!

  • Douglas Thomas:

    “Thank you so much for giving me that magazine (the Soul Pitt Quarterly). It is very informative with business’ and it was really nice to read. I booked a trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding through a travel agency ad that was in your magazine.”
    - Douglas Thomas, Port Authority Driver

  • Laura Fuller:

    SPQ is an excellent FREE quarterly magazine that, “Yes” puts me in the mind of Jet Magazine not only for its size but the Soul Mates section listed in the back of the informative magazine as well. From ‘Daily Inspirations’ ‘Upcoming local Events’ and the fulfilling incite of learning something new about our rich history, four times a month I will be sure to look for the new issue!

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Editorial Highlights

Each edition of SPQ magazine will explore the “Soulful” side of Pittsburgh and present it in a way to positively shine the light on the culture, arts, entertainment and people of Pittsburgh’s African-American community and the surrounding area.

From soulful entertainment to soulful food, SPQ will engage the reader and bring to life the people who make up the community.

Feature stories will enable readers to simply call a number from their cell phone and continue the interview as they listen in on our editors speaking with featured individuals. Text messaging platforms are in place to allow readers to send a text message to in turn receive extra information from certain advertisers via their cell phones.

We will also direct readers to the web site where they can view video clips to learn more about a particular subject or individual featured in the magazine.

The magazine will not be available online to view as we want the community to engage with this magazine and share its content with others.